The Terrible Two A Must Read for Death Note Fans

The best thing that happened to me during this lock-down was reading The Terrible Two book #1 because the first half part of the book reminded me of my favorite cat-mouse story Death Note.

The similarity between two stories lies in the fraternal relation between the main characters where one is always trying to outwit the other. Not only that, they are the only ones who can understand each other, and for that they have some respect for each other.

Just like how Kira was the first villain who the detective L had trouble dealing with, the Miles who lives and breathes pranks comes up against another great prankster, Niles, who is always one step ahead of him.

As Niles would say "You can't trick a trickster".

The Terrible Two is a funny and suspenseful story about two pranksters along with some facts about cows. It is a children book, so it's not too deep and serious as compared to the Death Note story, but the competitive feeling between two characters is right up there, and all the planning that went in to the pranks wants you to keep reading.

If you are someone who likes Death Note, you should give The Terrible Two a go. If you are parent, you can also read it to your kids.


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