Attack On Titan: Who's the Devil Now?

Can Eren justify his actions since his attack on Marley island? He's supposed to be a good guy, but his actions says otherwise.
Eren meeting Reiner in marley

After re-reading the last few chapters, I want to know who the protagonist of the Attack On Titan series is? Mature Eren has become a ruthless revenge driven monster. He has come out all guns blazing, and is making sure his enemies go through the same hell he witnessed. He is now responsible for the death of innocent children. He is ready to bear this burden. According to him his action are irredeemable. His transformation from an innocent emotional kid to a killing machine is in contrast to Reiner's suicidal behaviour.
Reiner suicide

Reiner, a solider who is supposed to be a tough guy has become hopeless. He doesn't know what he wants to do. He's suicidal now, and I can't blame him he has seen the cruel world from both sides of the wall. He is now spending his remaining days left waiting to die. There's nothing he can do to change his situation; all he can do is deal with the actions he's made in his life and wait to die.

In Attack On Titan it is hard to explain who is right, who is wrong, but one fact remains everyone is a victim, and right now I have all the sympathy for Reiner.


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