It's Heavy, The Year of Sanji

We knew this was coming and were prepared, but Eiichiro Oda got us again. He is so good at this that resistance is pointless. His artistry in storytelling, creating atmosphere and characters interaction is impeccable. Such emotional moments breaks every One Piece fan heart.

Luffy vs Sanji

We have been here before the fight between nakama, and yet “Luffy vs Sanji” feels different. It's a really difficult time for Sanji, he made Nami cry, beat his captain to pulp and every word he has said in this duel was against his will. Sanji's dilemma: protect Zeff, a retired pirate and a fatherly figure who made him who he is today or purse his dream of finding All Blue with his nakama. He also wants to face his terrible past like a man.

Straw Hat's kid has finally grown up

Luffy has impressed me so much in this fight. The selfless choices he made shows how he has grown up.

The more you kicked me, the harder you kicked me, I wasn't the one feeling the pain” Experience speaks that's how Luffy felt during his duel against Usopp. He saw right through Sanji.

Hunger Strike? I think we all know how serious this statement is considering how much Luffy loves food and meat and finally putting his dream of becoming Pirate King behind his friends is just too heroic. The last panel is definitely one of the best scene of the series so far.

"Without you, I won't ... I can't... become the PIRATE KING" he said.

One Piece chapter 844 was difficult to read and will be remembered for a long time. 10/10


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