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Top Ten Fastest Anime Characters

As we know that every one has a favourite anime character. Some like strongest, some like intelligent and some like the fastest characters. In animes there is a tough competition among characters every one wants to know who is the fastest character so after surveying a list of top 10 fastest animes character came!! Are you excited to find out that who is the fastest character ? So lets start in decreasing order. 10 - Racer Racer is from Fairy Tail. In anime he is one of the memeber of dark guild knows as Oracion Seis. Racer is tall man he uses magic named as slowing magic which allows him to move at a very fast speed. 9 - Raikage [A]  Raikage is from Naruto Shippuden. He is strong in physcial attacks. His Taijutsu is on a complete differnet level and he can enhance his chakra to increase his speed and he was considered as the second fastest character in Naruto. Though Naruto surpassed him to. 8 - Yoruichi Shihion Yoruichi is a female charact