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Kentaro Miura I'll Miss You

People who know me believe that I am one of the biggest One Piece fanboy, but the reality is that there's a bigger fanboy in me and that is Berserk fanboy. The reason I say that is because I don't recommend people to read One Piece or other series, but when it comes to Berserk I make sure people read it no matter what. I also don't argue with people on Berserk content because I know that whatever concerns or opinions people had regarding Berserk's story or its art are worthless. Berserk is perfect. The thing that really breaks my heart is that Kentaro Miura, the author of the series, as a writer had completed most of the hard work and now it was just a matter of moving things forward. Every piece was in its place, things started to converge and suddenly he just can't complete his masterpiece.    Miura cared about his story and characters as much he cared about his art. For him, every pixel of the series had to be perfect and that cost him his life. T

Mikasa's Long Dream was not a Dream: Attack on Titan Chapter 138

Attack On Titan penultimate chapter 138 shows the role of Mikasa in the story's ending. Mikasa's action has divided the community a little, because some people didn't like why Mikasa did what she did. I will try to explain the rationale behind her decision. Moreover, I didn't realize until this chapter that how important Mikasa words and feelings were for Eren and how it will change the Attack on Titan world.   Before reading this, firstly, you need to understand that the LONG DREAM we witnessed in this chapter was in fact not a dream. It was an alternative reality where Mikasa and Eren decided to be together. Secondly, the Attack Titan has the ability to tell its host what has happened before. This is very important because this explains Eren's sudden change in behavior. From Eren perspective, at one point in the story, possibly where his actions starts to make no sense to Armin, Mikasa, and Survery Corps, he figures out what would happen if he didn't d

The Terrible Two A Must Read for Death Note Fans

The best thing that happened to me during this lock-down was reading The Terrible Two book #1 because the first half part of the book reminded me of my favorite cat-mouse story Death Note . The similarity between two stories lies in the fraternal relation between the main characters where one is always trying to outwit the other. Not only that, they are the only ones who can understand each other, and for that they have some respect for each other. Just like how Kira was the first villain who the detective L had trouble dealing with, the Miles who lives and breathes pranks comes up against another great prankster, Niles, who is always one step ahead of him. As Niles would say "You can't trick a trickster". The Terrible Two is a funny and suspenseful story about two pranksters along with some facts about cows. It is a children book, so it's not too deep and serious as compared to the Death Note story, but the competitive feeling between two chara

Attack On Titan Chapter 119: Tragedy of Brothers from Three Different Families

Attack On Titan Chapter 119 titled Big brothers and Little brothers is a tragedy of brothers from three different families. Different families same fate, and similar suffering.     The Galliard Brothers     The Grice Brothers     The Yeager Brothers Marcel and Porco (Galliard family) Porco after cursing Reiner all his life forgives Reiner in his last moments after realizing that it was because of his brother he wasn't able to inherit the Armoured Titan. Sad end to a character who was always ready to die for his people and who considers himself a warrior. If you have to give the warrior tag to any titan shifter it would be Porco. Something interesting to note is that once again Jaw Titan shifter sacrificed himself. Ymir and Marcel also sacrificed their life for their loves ones. Colt and Falco (Grice family) Colt is the elder brother we all dream about, and his last moments proves that. Him not letting Falco go moments before the disaster knowing well that th

Attack On Titan: Who's the Devil Now?

Can Eren justify his actions since his attack on Marley island? He's supposed to be a good guy, but his actions says otherwise.

Oda praises upcoming Straw Hat Pirates enemy as One Piece Legend

Eiichiro Oda has made an unexpected announcement at the Jump Festa 2018 which has made every One Piece fan thrilled. The author teases by announcing a One Piece Legend who is going to be the Straw hats greatest enemy. He also hints the legend's connection with Whitebeard. "By the way, One Piece will finally enter Wano next year!! (cheer!!). Some well-informed audience might think, "You said the same thing last year right?" Yes I did say that, because I thought OP would be able to enter Wano in 2017. This time I should like to add new information" "I'll introduce one of the legends who lurks in One Piece world. The greatest enemy ever for Straw hats will hinder their way. Perhaps it will be something related to Whitebeard. Oops, it seems I'm being too talkative. Can you believe Marineford summit War will look cute compared to that". The most obvious candidate is Kaido, but the context of the message focuses on the introduction of a new ch

Berserk Manga 348: Broken Doll and a Loyal Haggard Dog

Think of Berserk and certain scenes spring to mind, that's the scenery of chapter 348. A gloomy sky with a black Sun, tattered banners fluttering and below everything is a miserable chained dog dragging a coffin to protect a broken lifeless doll from the spear-throwing creatures. This is Miura, this is Berserk, this is why we wait and this is why we will have to wait until the very end. Every panel of this chapter had a metaphorical meaning to it. The sun was giving the vibes of an eye, flying creatures were representing apostles because the dog (Guts) can't reach them and the peak is the location of the tragedy. Until now all we have seen is the representation of Casca's mind about herself and Guts. We might see the Griffith and Band of Hawk of members in the upcoming chapters. This is post Eclipse Casca, nothing but a broken empty doll. Schierke and Farnese are now looking for other fragments of Casca's mind. In this journey there is a possibility they will wi