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Mikasa's Long Dream was not a Dream: Attack on Titan Chapter 138

Attack On Titan penultimate chapter 138 shows the role of Mikasa in the story's ending. Mikasa's action has divided the community a little, because some people didn't like why Mikasa did what she did. I will try to explain the rationale behind her decision. Moreover, I didn't realize until this chapter that how important Mikasa words and feelings were for Eren and how it will change the Attack on Titan world.   Before reading this, firstly, you need to understand that the LONG DREAM we witnessed in this chapter was in fact not a dream. It was an alternative reality where Mikasa and Eren decided to be together. Secondly, the Attack Titan has the ability to tell its host what has happened before. This is very important because this explains Eren's sudden change in behavior. From Eren perspective, at one point in the story, possibly where his actions starts to make no sense to Armin, Mikasa, and Survery Corps, he figures out what would happen if he didn't do someth

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