Toneri Otsutsuki - The Last: Naruto The Movie Final Villain and Plot Exposed in Trailer

6th Hokage Kakashi in Last Naruto Movie

The newly sketched mystery man with a crescent moon mark on his back appears to be the main villain of The Last: Naruto The Movie. The name of this new character is Toneri Otsutsuki, suspected from his surname he belongs to the Otsutsuki lineage. The lineage of Sage and his mother Kaguya Otsutsuki (The Goddess of Rabbit). Jun Fukuyama who is fan of Naruto's story is going to be the voice actor for this new character.

One of the movie scan reveals that Toneri has come to kidnap Hinata's sister "Hanabi Hyuga". His motives are unclear at the moment, but Byakugan can be one of the reason for his attack as Hyuga are somehow related to the Otsutsuki clan. As Hyuga and Konoha are close friends of each other Konoha 11 set on rescue mission to save Hinata's sister from the antagonist Toneri.

Toneri Otsutsuki The Last Naruto The Movie Final Villain

Kisihmoto has a new message about the movie for his beloved fans.

Kishimoto Message about Last Naruto Movie
"Given that the original work (manga) and the new movie are connected as much as possible, I would appreciate if you’ll go to see the movie after you have finished to read the manga. (It’s ok even you haven’t read it!). This movie is, putting it straight, about love! I never had a movie about it, so please enjoy Naruto!"
The first complete trailer of the movie shows everything in action where Hinata has been shown screaming for Naruto's help and is shown protecting his sister from Toneri.

Kakashi 6th Hokage in The Last Naruto The Movie

There is a big surprise for all of you, in the movie Kakashi is shown as Hokage that means Naruto is not going to become Hokage as this movie is somehow connected to the original artwork. The movie is not only about the attack of Toneri, but it has a romance side too. The tagline of the movie is The final story is a first love. It is still unknown who will be Naruto's final partner.

The movie is going to enlighten the theatres on December 6, fans who see the movie in theatre will receive an official movie book Naruto Hiden Retsu no Sho.