The cover for the theme song of The Last: Naruto The Movie shows Naruto and Hinata together. The theme song is done by Sukima Switch duo. They are not only doing the theme song for the movie, but are also going to do voice acting for few characters in the movie.

The Last: Naruto The Moive Theme Song Cover Features Naruto Hinata

The tag line of the movie is "The final story is a first love" If it is cannon, I believe that is a sad news for the majority of Naruto-Sakura fanbase, also this is the first time Hinata's full body has been shown after its first announcement in the movie's first visual. Let's not forget that even though the story and characters art is done by Kishimoto it is still unknown is the movie cannon or non cannon.

We don't know much about the song lyrics and song could be one of the reason why Hinata is shown on the theme song cover instead of Sakura. Nevertheless, we will know who ended up with whom as Naruto manga is going to end in November.

The Last: Naruto The Movie is going to hit Japan's theatre on December 6.