Sword Art Online II upcoming arcs Caliber and Mother's Rosario are on their way after the end of Phantom Bullet Arc in the 14th episode.

The Calibur arc is set in the Alfihem Online world and it's Sinon first appearance in Alfheim world . Like other girls Sinon also has neko avatar in Alfheim Online. The Calibur arc starts October 18.

Sword Art Online II Calibur and Mother’s Rosario Arcs Character Designs Calibur Arc Neko Sinon Sword Art Online 2
After the end of Calibur arc, the Mother Rosario arc will start with a new character Yuuki. She is the leader of Sleeping Knights guild and have the 11 hit Orginal Sword Skill. In Mother Rosario arc, Asuna will be a leading role character.

Mother Rosario Arc Yuuki From Sword Art Online 2

Mother Rosario arc is definitely the best story of SAO light novels. If you have read the light novel you will probably agree with me. This arc starts from November 8.

Before these arcs, there is a recap episode #14.5 on October 11.