Parasyte: Fall 2014 Best Horror Anime starts October 8

Parasyte New Horror Anime

Parasyte: Probability of Survival anime first episode is going to release on 8th October at Nihon Tv by Madhouse studio. Madhouse studio previous note-able work includes DeathNote, No Game No life, Black LagoonParasyte is anticipated as Fall 2014 best horror and gore anime.

The anime is an adaptation of the Hitosni Lawaki horror/gore Parasyte manga and the first part will contain 24 episodes.

Story and Synopsis
The story is about parasites alien creatures who control human brains and then eats them. Shin a 19 years boy was also attacked by the parasite creature, but the alien failed to enter the brain, thus controls his right arm. Now, Shin is the only one who knows the reality of these creature, he has responsibility to save humanity from these parasites who eat humans.

The promotional video for the anime was not censored, which makes me more excited. What are you going to watch this Fall? Parasyte and Terra Formars are in my Fall's watchlist.