The Last Naruto Movie New Visual Reveals Hinata

The Last Naruto Movie New Visual Reveals HinataHinata Hyuga makes her first appearance in Naruto: The Last movie. In the key visual, Naruto redesign for the movie is shown with a with a red scarf. This is the first time Naruto has been shown with a scarf.

Interesting read: 

Last Naruto movie is the 7th Naruto Shippuden Movie which is going to release in Japan on December 6. Getting close to the release date, the main story of the 10th Naruto movie is still not revealed, but the movie is a part of Naruto's New Era Opening Project which is Naruto events after the end of its original manga in November .

Naruto Manga is also getting a stage play at the AiiA theater Tokyo in March next year.

Is it just me or every one in the scan looks gloomy and sad especially Hinata and Sai.