Kuroko's Basketball Sequel Manga Coming in December

Tadatoshi Fujimaki after finishing the final story of Kuroko's Basketball manga has announced that he is going to launch the sequel for his manga. The manga's sequel will launch with a color opening page on December 29.
Kuroko's Basketball Sequel Manga Coming in December
The scan from the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine says that
"On September 1, 2014, the curtains closed on their journey [kiseki]. But wait, the miracle [kiseki] is not over yet! "
The manga has already been adapted in to anime. The Kuroko's Basketball anime has covered some the original story in two seasons. The season three might be coming next year.

Kuroko's Basketball manga is a story about the five boys who were know as Generation of  miracles due to their amazing Basketball's skills. Kuroko Tetsuya the sixth and unpopular member of Generation of miracles joins Seirin High, meets with Kagami Taiga and dreams to make Seirin the team best in the Japan.

[Via ANN]