Caliber and Mother's Rosario Light Novels Anime Adaptation Announced

The Sword Art Online II second half is going to cover the light novels Caliber and Mother's Rosario stories in two arcs. The Caliber arc will consists of 3 episodes starting from October 18 and the Mother's Rosario arc will start from November 8.

The arcs will have a new opening by Haruka Tomatsu along with a new ending by LiSA. They key visuals for both the arcs are shown below.

If you have not read the light novel, the Caliber arc story revolves around quest for the Holy Sword Excaliber located in the ALfheim Online world. It is the most strongest and rarest sword in ALO protected by the guardians of the dungeon while the Mother's Rosario arc is the fans most favourite and touching story of SAO light novel where Asuna will fight an opponent known as Absolute Sword, who claims to have the 11-hit Original Sword Skill.

Episode 14.5 "Debriefing" a recap episode will air next week.