Akame Ga Kill Anime Cast: Six New Characters Announced

New characters are going to make an appearance in the 18th episode "Kill the Demons" of Akame Ga Kill anime. The four characters are from the Rakshasa Temple Demons. They are the personal guards of of the capital's Prime Minister Honest.

Ibra Raksha Temple Akame Ga Kill Sten Raksha Temple Akame Ga Kill
Mez Raksha Temple Akame Ga Kill Suzuki Raksha Temple Akame Ga Kill

Starting from top left Ibara, Sten, Mez and Suzuki, voiced by Satoshi Hino, Kenji Nomura, Aina Suzuki and Eriko Matsui respectively.

The other character is the Great General of the Empire Bodu voiced by Hozumi Goda and a new main who will make her appearance in the 20th episode "Kill the Shura."

General Emperor Bodu Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill is a great anime which has a comedy touch along with the bloody gore fights. The unpredicatable thing about this anime is that you can't figure out when your favourite character will die. In the last 18 episode many characters have lost their lives. The last two character who joined the anime cast were Chelsea and Susanoo.

The anime is available with English subs at Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Via Crunchyroll