Tokyo Ghoul Anime Second Season Coming January 2015

This season's one of the most popular horror and gore anime Tokyo Ghoul finally met his end yesterday, but the good news is after the release of the last episode of first episode there was an instant update on the official website of Tokyo Ghoul announcing that the second season will air in January 2015.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Second Season Coming January 2015
This is quite a surprise as Tokyo Ghoul manga has also ended this month, so I was expecting a delay of at least one year, but according to the official sources it is coming in the upcoming winter season.

Should you wait for Anime Second Season or read Manga?

Personally, after watching the last episode I was sure that we are not getting Tokyo Ghoul Second season in a year or more, so I read the whole manga 143 chapters in a day so "don't judge me".

I have noticed that anime has skipped a lot of things, as they have covered around 70 chapters in just 12 episodes. They are probably going to finish the whole anime in second season as Tokyo Ghoul manga consists of 143 chapters, so if you want to enjoy the original story manga is definitely worth reading, but even after the end a lot of mysteries were unsolved. I am not going to mention them as it will be spoiler for some one, but if you want your soul to be crushed try reading manga before season 2.

I am now interested in the sequel of the series, but I am also excited to see new horror action of Tokyo Ghoul anime in the second season.