Nisekoi 16th Manga Volume Bundled with an Anime Episode
The latest Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue comes with an exciting news for Nisekoi fans as a new Niseoki OVA is bundled with the 16th manga volume.

The 25 minutes OVA will cover two manga chapters, chapter 65 "Henbo" and chapter 71 "Oshigoto". The same anime staff is going to work on this OVA which has previously worked on the anime season one started in January 2014 and on the OVA which is bundled with the 14 manga volume.

Nisekoi (Fake love) is a comedy and romance anime. Raku the series main character unexpectedly meet with Chitoge the daughter of a gang leader and due to unexpected turn in events they were showing fake love towards each other in order to maintain the peace among the gangs, but Raku loves some one else.