Last Naruto Movie Coming this December

The mystery of the Big Naruto announcement as mentioned in 2014 34th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is finally revealed in the 35th issue. The news is about the last Naruto movie. The movie has been given the title of  "The Last Naruto Movie". The below magazine's scan shows the artwork which is going to be used for the movie.

Last Naruto Movie
The author of Naruto Manga is writer of the story and the artwork is also drawn by him. So far nothing has been revealed about the movie, but the first glimpse of the trailer will be released on 31st July of this year while the full version will be released on August. As seen from the artwork the Last Naruto movie features the adult and serious version of knuckle head ninja.

The Last Naruto movie will be the 7th Shippuden movie, but in total it will be the 10th one. The movie is coming out on December 6.

Source: ANN