Last Naruto Movie 10 Sketches reveals Naruto's Height

The Last Naruto movie 10 new sketches drawn by Masashi Kishimoto shows that there is an increase in Naruto's height. Currently in Shippuden series the Naruto's height is 166cm, but the sketches shows a new height figure of 170 cm. The scans also shows the new costumes of Naruto. These sketches signed by Masashi Kishimoto are a proof that this movie under the full of supervision of the original creator of Naruto manga.

Moreover the flyers of the Last Naruto movie will be distributed in Tokyo theatres starting this weekend.

The Naruto Movie 10 will celebrate the glorious 15 years success of Naruto and is scheduled for December,6. The story of the movie is not revealed so no information about Naruto being hokage is revealed at this point, but the first trailer teaser is coming in next 2, so keep in touch with us.