Two Attack on Titan Animated Movies Announced For 2014 and 2015

Attack on Titan is getting its first two animated movies covering the story of anime season 1. The first movie is titled as "The Crimson of Bows and Arrows" and its story will cover episodes 1 to 14. The second movie is titled as "The Wings of Freedom" and will cover the rest of story from episode 14 to 25.

Both the movies titles are taken from the anime first two openings, but it is unknown yet that how much these movies will deviate from the original storyline.
Two Attack on Titan Anime Movies for 2014 and 2015
Attack on Titan animated movie 1 will be available in theatres this winter, while the second movie will be released next year. Besides this Attack on Titan live action movie is also in progress.

Source: ANN