Seven Deadly Sins Manga Gets an Anime

Seven Deadly Sins also known as Nanatsu no Taizai Manga is getting an Anime adaptation. The studio who will be doing its anime production is not revealed yet, but the 20th issue of Weekly Shonen magazine states that the 8th manga volume of the series will be released on April 17th. All the manga volumes of the series had been a great success.
Seven Deadly Sins is a fantasy based manga by Nakaba Suzuki and is published by Kodansha Comics. The story revolves around the kingdom of Britannia, Holy Knights and the Seven Deadly Sins. When the Holy knights take over the kingdom of Britannia, the kings daughter set out on a journey to find all seven sins in order to defeat the Holy knights.

The Manga also had an crossover with Weekly Shonen Magazine most popular manga Fairy Tail, whose anime production has been started once again after one year break.

Via: ANN