Non Non Biyori Anime Gets Second Season

Non Non Biyori Anime Gets Second SeasonLast year's most favourite and known comedy anime Non Non Biyori is going to get a second season according to its Official Twitter account. This rural comedy anime is an adaptation of Atto's manga which was published in Monthly Comic Alive.

Th story revolves around 5 students of different grade from Asahigaoka. They are Renge from grade 1, Suguru grade 3, Hotaru grade 5, Natsumi and Komari from grade 7 and 8.

The story starts when Hotaru moves from Tokyo to Asahigaoka school and his life with the other students in the countryside environment having beautiful backgrounds. The anime is relaxing and worth watching with a little slice of life touch along with its amazing comedy.

Non Non Biyori Second season exact date is not revealed yet.

Source : Yaraon Blog