Naruto Storm Revolution Akatsuki Ultimate Team jutsu and New Naruto Costume

Naruto Storm Revolution just like Storm 3 is getting new costumes, but for now the players who have saved data of Naruto Storm 3 will get a new Naruto with Naruto usual clothes along with ninja scrolls, an axe.
Storm Revolution Naruto Costume

Akatsuki team members are also getting combo attacks. First team is of immortals Hidan and Kakuzu where Hidan curses the enemy and Kakuzu blows off the enemy with his different Jutsu. The second team is of Sasori and Deidara there Ultimate team Jutsu is deidara's C2 dragon inside Sasori iron sand as shown in the bottom left of the scan. The new Akatsuki costumes are designed by Masashi Kishimoto.

Storm Revolution Akatsuki Ultimate Jutsu Scan

Naruto Ultimate Storm Revolution is Namco Bandai's 2014 Naruto game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with new features like team jutsu attacks and Ninja World tournament and newly designed character Mecha Naruto.