Death Note Real Life Escape Game For 10th Anniversary

Recently Death Note 10th anniversary have been celebrated and at this event a new site was launched. The site contained no new information, but a countdown timer to 3rd March 2014. At first, every one thought of a new sequel of Death Note manga or a new live action movie, but to your surprise, it's a real life game where you have to solve mysteries in a specific period of time such games are often held in Japan.

This game event is named as Escape from the God of New world, where you have to find the items located in an locked room. Participants have to find the items and solve the mystery before New Kira kills them, new Kira who is a successor of the original Kira.

The game will be held at two places, First at Tokyo from May 30 to July 27 and Second at Osaka from June 17 to July 27. The tickets of this event will be available from March 21st having price between 22$ to 33$.

I believe all fans were excited before this real life game announcement and are now a bit disappointed, because getting a new series of your favourite anime especially of an anime like Death Note is a dream of every Otaku.