Diancie confirmed as Pokémon #719

Latest scan of CoroCoro magazine confirmed the existence of Pokémon #719. Pokémon #719 Rock/Fairy type is Diancie and according to Serebii Diancie will be featured in the upcoming Pokémon movie Cocoon of Destruction.

Diancci officially confirmed as a Pokemon

There was rumour in 2013 that Diancie Rock/FairyType, Hoopa Pyschic/Ghost type and Volcanion fire/water will be revealed in the upcoming X and Y events, but no official statements were made that time since, Cocoon of Destruction is the first Pokémon X and Y movie which will be released on july 19, 2014 in Japan and from the latest scans Dianci is going to be appear in this movie as a special Pokémon.

No official statements are made for Hoopa and Volcanion so they are still a mystery,  but Pokémon #719 Diancie is now an official Pokémon.