Attack on Titan Colossal Edition Announced by Kodansha

Attack on Titan Colossal Edition By KodanshaKodansha Comics has announced the Attack on Titan Colossal Edition, which will feature the first five volumes of Attack on Titan manga. As the name implies, the Colossal Edition will contain around 1000 high quality pages and each page will have a size of 7 inches by 10.5 inches, which is larger than the normal page of manga volume.

FUNimation has also announced the release of the English Dub Version of Attack On Titan anime.

The Attack on Titan Colossal Edition will be available on May 27 in North America for $59.99. Attack on Titan manga is huge hit in North America, so Kodansha as one of the biggest North America manga seller has decided to relaunch this manga once again with high quality paper. We will see how good this colossol edition will perform in the market.

Source : Kodansha Comiscs


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