Rise of Mana Free Mobile Game By Square Enix

Rise of Mana is a new 3D RPG action game by Sqaure Enix and its story is different from the previous Mana games. Square Enix has released a lot of free games same is the case with this game it's also free to play on both iOS and Android platforms.

Rise of Mana Free Mobile Game

The first few minutes of trailer explains the story of the game how it all started and then the game begins with the two main entities Angel and Demon sent to the mortal world and who are fused together in order survive. Ultimate goal is to reach the place from where they were sent, a place called as heaven which is mentioned in the introduction of the story.

Rise of Mana Angel and Demon

One of the main feature as shown in trailer is the ability to change yourself into both Demon and Angel depending on the mission/situation you are facing. Boss battles are also included in this game.

Japanese Trailer of Rise of Mana is as follows

No exact release date has been announced yet, but it is confirmed that Android version will be available this summer.