Latest Naruto Storm Revolution Interview with Jason Enos

Naruto Storm Revolution InterviewJason Enos Namco Bandai  Digital brand Manager in an interview reveals more about 2014 Naruto game Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.

The first thing which is new is that this game will continue its story from the previous game Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, so basically instead of old Naruto Shippuden stuff a lot of new story and game play is waiting for us in this game.

The second is the answer to everyone's question, why this game is not developed for new gaming consoles and it turns out that this game was already in development phase before the announcement of PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, but he also mentioned that it's possible that the upcoming Naruto games will be available on new gaming consoles.
The Information about the exact number of characters is still not revealed, but he promises that this game contains a lot of new characters and every character has different moves, but it's easy to control all of them as the basic game play function of every character is same.

Here is the interview uploaded by ZeroQuatroMidia.

The exact release date is still not revealed, but Namco Bandai  is probably going to release Naruto Storm Revolution this summer.