Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment User Interface and CG ScreenShots

Sword Art Online User Interface
The user interface of Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment reveals the player features. The user interface is closely related to the anime version. In this game, the players can take their female partners along with them on the mission or even when they are not on mission.
During battles they can guide their partners using the instruction command. This will help them in combo attacks. Overall the main battle system of this game will revolve around how you will command your partner along with your main character.
Sword Art Online MultiPlayer Game Play

Hollow missions have different modes of level. It's better to choose level according to your statistics. After clearing the hollow missions players will get several bonuses and their skills will also improve.

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Namco bandai have also released the 3 new CG which includes Asuna, Silica and Lisbeth.

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Asuna CG
SAO Hollow Fragment Lisbeth CG
SAO Silica CG

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment is an upcoming Namco Bandai game for PlayStation Vita and is set to be released on 24th April, 2014.