Red Guild Laughing Coffin Joins Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment announces a new red player who has committed several crimes in the sword art online world. The name of the red player is Poh and wields a unique type of dagger. Red player means that he has killed a lot of players in the virtual world and his crimes are greater than the orange marked players.
 Poh was shown with a hood, and he is the leader of a dark guild, named as Laughing Coffin. Laughing Coffin guild is marked as red guild for killing the players in the virtual world. Poh have some connection with the new sword art online hollow fragment character named as Philia who is marked as orange player due to her crimes. Poh and Philia were shown together in 1 minute video trailer where Poh was shown kicking Philia and philia regrets meeting Poh.

Two new characters joins SAO hollow fragment. One of them is Kirito best friend Klien. The second one is Agill, the axe user.

SAO Hollow fragment will be released on 24th April, 2014 for Play Station Vita users.