Naruto Storm Revolution Scans: Edo Kages and Team 7 Combo Attacks

One of the main feature of 2014 upcoming Naruto game, Storm Revolution is the combo attacks of the characters. The more combos the stronger the attack gets and easier it will be to defeat your enemies. To demonstrate this a new scan of Naruto Shippuden Storm Revolution has been released, which shows the combo attacks of team 7 against the Mecha Naruto Kyubi Version.

The first scan shows how team 7 combo attacks will look like. The scan also shows team 7 performing the summouning jutsu, just like in the Naruto manga. The second picture on this scan shows the triple punch attack by team 7, which is something new. Imagine the result formed by Sasuke's Susanoo, Naruto's Biju Mode and Sakura Byakugou punch.

Storm Revolution Team 7 Combo Attack Scan

The second scans confirms the addition of 4 new characters in Naruto Storm Revolution roster which includes
  • The Second Mizukage
  • The Second Tsuchikage
  • The Third Raikage
  • The Fourth Kazekage
Storm Revolution Edo Kages Scan

Edo kages are capable of using their best attacks in the game, As we know that the ability of fourth Kazekage is to control gold dust, Second Tsuchikage best jutsu is Practicle Style Jutsu and the water pistol jutsu by Second Mizukage.