Naruto Storm Revolution Gameplay and Design of Demo Version

Finally, a first gameplay of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm has been shown by the Jason Enos who is a product manager at Namco Bandai, and the demo version gameplay is just amazing. As mentioned before that the main feature of this game is the Ultimate Combo Jutsu and finally we got a peak of the teams who can use Ultimate Combo Jutsu in the demo version.

Trailer Storm Revolution
  • First Team is of Sasuke and Naruto team: Special attack Ultimate Jutsu Type.
  • Second Team is of Sasuke and Itachi: Special attack Awakening Type.
  • Third and the last is Naruto and Sakura: Special attack Support drive.
As expected Naruto Shippuden Storm Revolution will be localized. It will contain both the original Japnese voice characters and the characters having English voices, not only that, but subtitles will also be available for different countries. This roster for this game is going to be quite big as mentioned in the first update of Storm Revolution that more than 100 characters are included in the game, and so far Edo Kages are confirmed characters. The story of the game is not mentioned in the gameplay as its a demo version, but Jason explains that Mecha Naruto attacks village and all the fight is to stop him from destroying the village and there is a video available in full version of game which will explain the whole story.

In the game of Storm Revolution we can see Sasuke has two awakening, in ever awakening his fighting style will evolve and his attacks will become faster and stronger.

Sasuke Double Awakening Storm Revolution

9 minutes Gameplay of Jason Enos is about Naruto Biju Mode along with Sasuke against Mecha Naruto.
The video was shared by the gotgame tv, whose job is to interview game publishers to get the latest news about games. Naruto Shippuden Storm Revolution is an upcoming 2014 Naruto game by CyberConnect2 and Namco bandai for PlayStation3 and Xbox360 gaming plateforms. The exact release date is not announced yet.


  1. Two things one pronounce naruto correctly and two what about next gen consoles why not include those of us who have them. It's a bad business move for not doing so.

  2. Unfortunately they're gamers, not otaku. Trust me, I always want to hit someone when they mispronounce something like that.

  3. Was not satisfied with last's game's ending.... hope use more characters and combos than the first part...... hope to see the full power of madara and tobirama..... and It's NA-RU-TO pronounce it properly


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