Naruto Manga on Hiatus: Death of Kishimoto's Father

After releasing Naruto Manga 662, Kishimoto is going on break. The manga will continue in the 11th Weekly Shonen Jump. The reason for a break is the death of Kishimoto Father on 18th January, 2014. The news was confirmed by his editor on twitter giving his condolences to Masahi Kishimoto by having a 1 minute silence.

Let's hope this death doesn't effect Naruto Manga, but we are expecting that Kishimoto will put his feelings in the next few chapters of Naruto Manga. Lossing a parent is bad, and we can't help Kishimoto in his hard time, but he and his family have our condolences.


  1. Hope kishimoto father rest in peace ... so sad... a legend is gone ...

  2. i'm so sad with you.

  3. may god gives you strength in this harsh time and give rest and peace to your father soul... KISHIMOTO


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