Naruto Manga 661 Review and upcoming Predicitions

Thanks Kishimoto for coming up with an amazing first Naruto manga chapter of 2014. Naruto Manga 661 is named as "Failed World" and it's just full of action, there's a lot to talk discuss..

2014 Naruto Half Dead

Previously Madara was extracting Kyubi so this time Madara shows how he is different from Obito. In just 2 chapters he didn't only took Kyubi but Hachibi also. Naruto is now on the death bed, but he may be able to survive because of inherited Strong Life Force of Uzumaki Clan and with the help of Gara. Where do you think Gara is taking Naruto to? There are 2 possibilities.
  1. To some Medical Ninja, Sakura or Tsunade.
  2. To execute the plan which Kurana mentioned in his last moments of extraction.
The real action begins, when tobirama uses one of his fastest Jutsu - Flying Thunder God and use a sneak attack on Madara... but unluckily Madara owned Tobirama in just few seconds. Madara shows his hatred towards Tobirama for killing his brother Izuna Uchiha. Madara also tells Tobirama that there is a great power difference between them. The interesting thing which Madara mentioned is his new Eye. What kind of power will it have? Why does he need this eye now? He was able to defeat Kages, Hokages Naruto and tailed beasts. In my opinion Madara's new eye will surely be related to the eyes of the older son of Sage of Six Paths.

Sage of Six Paths Older Son and Madara New Eye

Hashirama tells Sasuke about Uchiha Madara that he may be able to stop Uchiha Madara without force, so he offers Sasuke his chakra. Sasuke tries to attack madara after getting the Hashirama chakra, but he fails and gets stabbed by Madara. Will Sasuke use Izangi and sacrifice his one eye to save himself? or he will use his new jutsu, which Hashirama gave him to stop Madara. The only reason Hashirama gave his all remaining chakra to Sasuke, because he thinks that Sasuke resembles with Madara's brother Izuna Uchiha.

Upcoming predicitions for Naruto Manga

  1. Sasuke being stabbed by his own sword was a setup by Hashirama and Sasuke.
  2. Gara is taking Naruto to the flower, because tailed beasts know that once the Jubi will appear, flower will blossom once again.
  3. Naruto getting the other half Dark Chakra of Kyubi from Minato.
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  1. Ah... can't wait. I'm really excited to see what gara plans to do, probly something epic.About sasuke I really think he's dead but we'll see , I'm a kind of saskue hater xD.


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