Free! Second Season Confirmed

Kyoto animation has announced the Season 2/Phase 2 of Free!, the exact date is not released yet, but the production has been started as discussed in the event and it is also mentioned on the official site of free with a message of "Enjoy it".

Females are particular biased regarding Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. The main reason is that female fan service is on a completely different level. Cooking in aprons, bathtub scenes, perfect abs and a lot more shirtless scenes. Free! is based on short novel High Speed! by Koji Oji and the story revolves around High School friends who are crazy about swimming, and on their reunion after a long time, gathers a new team mate and create Iwatobi High School Swimming Club.

Only a picture has been released related to the second season of free!, but chances are it will continue in summer as mentioned in the final episode of Season 1 "See you next Summer". It was first confirmed on twitter by isuzu55.