Two Angel Beats Games Announced for 2014

Next year we will see the release of two Angel Beats games by Visual Art's and Key. First game is for Android and Iphone users named as Angel Beats Operation Wars, where anime fans are going to enjoy a fight against a powerful enemy Shadow. This game will also allow user to experience the special events of the characters which were not shown in the anime or some new faces.
Angel Beats Operation Wars game will feature the same voice actors which were used for the Anime. The official site has opened its registeration on 27th december 2013, the pre-registered users will get a limited edition SSR Angel Kanade card.

You can visit Angel Beats Operation Wars Official site for registeration.

"Angel Beats 1st Beat" is being developed for PC which will be released sometime in 2014 by Visual Arts and Key. In game the players will be allowed to spend their time according to their choice. Depending on which path you choose, this game may become an eroge. The story will be revealed in Six volumes, the first volumes will feature Iwasawa, Matsushita, and Yui.

The Screen Shots of starting characters in "1st Beats" are as follows.

Angel Beats Ist Beat Iwasawa
Angel Beats Ist Beat Kanade
Angel Beats Ist Beat Game 2014
Angel Beats Ist Beat Matusita
Angel Beats Ist Beat PC Game
Angel Beats Ist Beat TK
Angel Beats Ist Beat Yui
Angel Beats Ist Beat Yuri