Toriko Manga New Arc after One Month Break

Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, the author of Toriko Manga has announced that the Human World arc will be finished in the next week double issues (6th and 7th) with a chapter exceeding 25 pages. It should be noted that double issues does not means, the release of chapters in a week.

After this double week issue, Toriko manga will be on  break for 2 issues, so toriko will be not be published in the 8th and 9th issue of weekly Shonen jump. The Toriko manga will be back in the 10th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump with a new arc.

Story so far:

 Midora after catching 1000 of Human World Chefs, and orders them to make food for him. Majority of the chefs were not willing to cook for him, so he make a competeition that who ever will make him say the word delicious through his cooking will be allowed to go. Komatsu cooking was able to make Midora laugh, so Komatsu was allowed to go and tells that he is waiting for Toriko.