Robot Naruto New Character In Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Robo Naruto Revolution
New scan of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm revolution have been released which revealed the two hidden characters drawn by Masashi Kishimoto as mentioned in first update of Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. The hidden characters are the Robot Naruto and Naruto Robo Kyubi transformation. If you look closely it has been shown in the scan that Naruto's Robot Kyubi version can further transform in to more tails, like shown in the scan from 3 tails to 9 tails.

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Robot Naruto and Robot Kyubi Transformation

This has happened for the first time in the history of Ultimate Ninja Storm series or even in Naruto series that some technical stuff has been introduced. Cyber Connect is really trying its best to revolutionize the Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution with features like
  • Team attacks of different characters
  • Robotic Naruto features
  • More than 100 characters.