Naruto Storm Revolution Event at 2014 Jump Festa

Mecha Naruto all forms

Shueisha once again successfully organized a Jump Festa festival. In an Naruto event of 2014 Jump festa,  fans were allowed to play a demo of the new Naruto game Storm Revolution. In the demo version, the players were competing against Mecha Naruto and Mecha Kurama designed by author of Naruto manga Masashi Kishimoto.

Masasahi Kishimoto was also present at the event and on interview he said about Naruto manga
I don't think so there will be a Naruto event at the next Jump Festa and I also don't know how to defeat Uchiha Madara.
Mecha Naruto in an Ultimate form who can use beams, rockets, bullets and gets stronger after every transformation as shown in the first Storm Revolution trailer and demo. From the demo, it  seems like you don't need to unlock the mecha Kurama version, you can just use mecha Naruto and upgrade yourself to mecha Kurama.
The confirmed characters so far are Naruto, Biju Mode Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi Hatake, Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, Mecha Naruto.

Mecha Naruto Screen Shots

Mecha Naruto Rockets and Bullets

Mecha Naruto Eye Beam Attack

Biju Mode Naruto vs Mecha Naruto

Flying Rasengan Attacj Mecha Naruto

Front View Of Mecha Naruto

Cannon Ball Attack Mecha Naruto

Lightening Attack Mecha Naruto

Biju Mode Naruto vs Robot Naruto

Mecha Naruto vs Biju Mode Naruto Storm Revolution

7610 Robot Naruto Storm Revolution

Mecha Kyubi Mode Naruto

Mecha Kyubi Mode Naruto

Mecha Kyubi Mode vs Sasuke

Mecha Kyubi Mode Butt Attack

Sakura vs Robot Kyubi Mode Naruto

Mecha Kyubi Mode Naruto Beam Attack

Robot Kyubi Mode Naruto Storm Revolution

Robot Kyubi Naruto Beam Attack

Robot Naruto over 9999

Storm Revolution Robot Kyubi Mode Over 9999

Kyubi Mode Mecha Naruto vs Sasuke Demo Screen Shots

Mecha Kurama

Mecha Kurama Cannon Beam Attack

Romot Kurama Storm Revolution

Mecha Naruto Transformation

Mecha Kurama Bommerang  attack

Mecha Kurama Drill Attack

Mecha Kurama Laser Beam

Mecha Naruto Transforming in to Mecha Kurama

Robot Kurama Punch Attack

Storm revolution Mecha Kurama Full Form

Robot Kurama Ultimate Form

Mecha Kurama Full Awakening