Attack on Titan Live Action Movie New Director Shinji Higuchi

Attack On Titan live action movie will be filmed in Summer 2014 and will be released in 2015. This movie project is now assigned to Shinji Higuchi, who will now work as leading director for this movie, previously Tetsuya Nakashima was working as director, but he left his position as a director in 2011.
Shinji Higuchi has mentioned that he will use the best technology he can use to make this live action movie a success. Shinji Higuchi has a good reputation, when it comes such type of live action movies, as he had already worked on projects like Gamera series as a special effects director and in Sinking of Japan.

Yusuke Watanabe(Dragon Ball Z battle of Gods screenplay writer) Isayama sensei and a good friend of Isayama, Tomohiro Machiyama are working on the script of this movie. Isayama has also mentioned that they had already decided the characters who will appear in this Attack on Titan live action movie. TOHO will release this movie. 


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