Assault of Mecha-Naruto in Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Trailer

Namco Bandi Games has released the first trailer of their upcoming game Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution showing the game play of mecha Naruto and mecha Kurama . As mentioned in the Mecha Naruto scan , the trailer also shows that mecha Naruto can further evolve in to three different forms. First Mecha Naruto in a robot form labeled as 7610, second is the evolution of the mecha Naruto from Robot Naruto version to Kyubi mode version labeled as 9999, three tails mecha Kyubi mode and finally the transformation of mecha Kyubi mode Naruto to mecha Kurama.

In every transformation the mecha Naruto gets stronger and faster and is capable of eye beams. It also has the ability to perform Ninjutsu like Rasengan and other attacks. mecha Kurama despite his big size is still faster than the other two transformations.
So far the only hope to defeat this mecha Naruto designed by the Masashi Kishimoto is by using the new features of this game which is the team attacks of characters.


  1. Now we need mecha sasuke!!

    1. One of our friend who was at jump festa, told that Sasuke will have 2 awakenings. So far Naruto is the only one who got Mecha form.

      In our opinion more than one mecha character will ruin this game.


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