Naruto Manga 655 Review

After reading Naruto Manga 655 I felt that this week manga was little dramatic and there was nothing new to read. Seriously, Minato still considers himself responsible for everything that happened, Obito did everything for Rin and above all Kakashi's speech about Naruto that he will always support Naruto and Naruto will succeed, everything was repetitive.

Colored Naruto Manga 655 Minato Obito and Kakashi
In the beginning of this chapter we saw that Sasuke was going to kill Obito, but we also know that Obito never did any harm to Sasuke, he often helped him like implanted Itachi eyes. In my opinion Sasuke is still acting mean and only doing what he wants, looking forward to what he wants, but Kakashi stopped him this time. Then Minato, Kakashi and Obito started talking to each other, I am not going to mention anything what Kakashi said, because If we go few chapters back, we will see, that same kind of words were told by the rest of Ninja world about Naruto.

Naruto manga on a Break till next Shonen year.

This week manga chapter belongs to the issue number 51 and next chapter will be released in the issue number 1, which in my opinion would be the end of November, so don’t think that Naruto Manga Chapter 656 will release next year 2014.

What will happen next?

Now Obito’s story is almost finished, its time to move on to the main villain Uchiha Madara. After seeing Naruto and Sasuke moving towards Madara Uchiha, I wonder how many people are going to fight Madara? What is his trump card that he is so proud of?
Don’t forget to rate this chapter out of 5 and feel free to post any predication related to next week Naruto Manga 656 and about Madara’s trump card.


  1. Don't review things if you are a noob man. Sasuke wanted to kill Obito because the bastard helped Itachi kill the Uchiha clan. He also twisted the truth to manipulate him.

    1. He helped him during Kage summit when Ohonki was going to kill Sasuke.
      He was the one who told him the truth about Itachi and It was not Obito's plan to kill Uchiha Clan he just helped Itachi and above all Obito never had any bad intention regarding Sasuke like Orochimaru.

      Thanks for the comment.

    2. Yes, Obito helped Sasuke because he wanted to use him in the future since he knew Sasuke had potential. The,only reason people help Sasuke is because they want his power.
      Obito told Sasuke the truth about Itachi so he would hate Konoha (conveniently forgetting to tell him that Jr also helped Itachi). Killing the Uchihas also helped Obito get his collection of sharingans that are in his hideout (just like our good friend Danzo)

      Lastly Orochimaru only helped Sasuke because he wants his body. I can't see how you missed that, but whatever.

    3. Not Jr I meant he

    4. But still, Sasuke should kill Obito, when he had the chance, due to many reasons, but Kakashi is taking full responsibility for him.

  2. I think madara's trum card is "sage mode" as you recall he said something to the 1st hokage that he will defeat obito using his power....maybe he will become sage plus his rinnegan more like the "rekudo sennin"

    1. Nice, but don't you think it would be something related to God Tree and its fruit, that's is the only reason GOD tree is still standing there? But I think you got a point.


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