Naruto Manga Chapter 653 Review

First of all this chapter is not as bad as few fans think it is, don't expect to see action in every chapter, because Talk no Jutsu is important. So lets discuss Naruto Manga 653. The real talk between Obito Uchiha and Uzumaki Naruto starts as expected, Naruto was able to convey his feelings to Obito that they both had same past, have same dream and wants to achieve same thing "Peace", but their way of achieving peace is different.

This chapter clearly gave us the answer to our question that why Obito changed and what Naruto meant by Obito's real face behind the mask, because for Obito to achieve peace through Madara's Moon Eye plan is the shortest way and his promise with Rin to achieve peace would be complete, but Naruto was able to convince him that his doing are wrong, there is no shortest way to achieve peace and he should join Shinobi Alliance as a Hidden Leaf Village to achieve peace as Hero.

Now what? Will Obito join Naruto? In my opinion of course Obito is going to join his hands with Nauto. So what will happen if Obito joins his hands with Naruto, the next thing that comes to my mind is Madara trump card to take Jubi from Obito and we have a final villain of this arc "Legendary Uchiha Madara".

Feel free to comment if you have any theory or predication regarding Naruto Manga 653.


  1. Why is this colored i think they just showed a glimpse of the rinnegan in Naruto in this chapter

  2. exactly but obito could easly turn naruto down seen dat he came this far or rather loose control over himself and there for making the jubi take over................... jus saying


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