Naruto Manga 650 Review Colored Pages

This week's manga chapter chapter was amazing, Minato and Tobirama working together to save every ninja on battlefield using their space time jutsu. Orochimaru joins his hands with the rest of the Shinobi alliance and started working with his Sensei.

Colored Naruto Manga 650 Orochimaru and Hiruzen

Sakura and Tsunade Summoned Katsuyu's main body. This way Shinobi alliance can advance without any fear of injuries and chakra issues.

Naruto and Sasuke kept on attacking Obito, but all in vain. Obito once again tells Naruto about the truth of this ninja world that someday his friend will betray him, but that's not going to work against Naruto, because Naruto never goes back from his words and that's his Ninja Way. Sasuke and Naruto are ready for their next special attack, that is the combination of Sasuke's Susnoo and Naruto's Kyubi. Just like what Madara did when he fought against Hashirama.

Kyubi and Susanno mixed version
Hashirama is trying his best to cut down the tree, but I wonder if Madara will let him do. I think in the upcoming manga Kakashi will join the battlefield and something big will happen like we might be able to see Madara's trump card. From Kakashi's thoughts it looks like that Obito is still looking for some answer in my point of view, Obito can easily kill every ninja on the battlefield except Madara,Naruto,Sasuke and Hokages I might be wrong, but he didn't tried to kill anyone? Why? All I can think now is that Madara is going to take over Jubi soon with his trump card and it would be the end of Obito.

Feel free to comment, if you have any prediction about the upcoming Naruto Manga 651.