Naruto Shippuden October 2013 Schedule "Uchiha Brothers vs Kabuto"

Naruto Shippuden October 2013 Schedule contains four episodes. October Schedule is focused on Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha and their meeting with the Kabuto. These Episodes will reveal a lot about Kabuto's past, his relation with Orochimaru and how Uchiha Brothers will face his new powers.


It Should be Noted that on 17th October 2013 there will be no new Naruto Episode and the rest of the Schedule is as Follows.

Release Date Episode Number Special Episode Title
October 03 , 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 333 "Edo Tensei Jutsu Weakness"
October 10, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 334 "Sibling Tag Team"
October 24, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 335 "Every One's Leaf"
October 30, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 336 "Kabuto Yakushi"

Do you think Itachi will be able to change Sasuke's mind? Its good to see that Naruto October Schedule also contains four consecutive canon episodes.