Naruto Shippuden 332 Best Moments

Finally, in this episode we got to see how Madara was able to use wood style jutsu and why does Kabuto consider this the best Edo tensei body ever created. Naruto Shippuden 332 was some what touchy because of the flashbacks about Ohonki past, Uchiha Clan incident and Uchiha brothers reunion.

Ohnoki vs Madara

1 - The truth about Madara's Body.
Kages are trying their best to defeat Madara, but Madara surprised them with his techniques. Madara even mentioned that he is something that they can't defeat, and there is/was no Ninja who can compete with him except the first Hokage. Ohonki after remembering his past, went on a rage and landed a perfect attack on Madara which showed us the truth about Madara's body, the armor got ripped off and we got to see Hashirama face on Madara's chest, that explains everything how Madara can use all wood style jutsu and from the Madara point of view, he still considers Hashirama the Senju who was able to heal himself without hand signs.

Edo Tensei Madara Body
2 - The reunion of Sasuke and Itachi.
Itachi was on his way to defeat Kabuto, but on his way he met with Sasuke. From the talk, it looked like that Itachi is no longer going to advice Sasuke what to do. In my opinion, he thinks that only Naruto would be able to change Sasuke. Itachi also considers himself a failure, because of him, his brother became a wanted criminal.

It looks like Sasuke is going to follow Itachi for a while and he will help Itachi to stop this Edo tensei Justu.