3 Amazing Moments of Naruto Shippuden 325

In Naruto Shippuden 325, the battle between the Jinchuruki starts and we also got to see the flashback about how Kisame captured four tailed beast who is a lava style user. In Naruto Shippuden 325, all tailed beast were gathered except the first tailed beast. Best moments of Naruto Shippuden 325 are as follows.

1 Killer Bee attack other jinchuruki's without knowing the fact that their eyes are linked to each other and in the next moment we see all jinchuruki's Rinnegan eyes next to eachother.

2 On capturing all jinchuruki's and Naruto and Bee were going to remove the chakara rods from their bodies, the masked appeared from the ground and all jinchuruki's transformed into their tailed beast form.

3 When Naruto was unable to move his body and masked man was going to capture, the best friends and rivals, Kakashi and Gai made their dynamic entry, for me it was the best moment of this episode.

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