Naruto Shippuden August 2013 Schedule with Special Epsidoes

Complete Naruto Shippuden, the August 2013 Schedule has been released. This Month Schedule will only follow the original story lead by the main author of the Naruto Manga - Masahi Kishimoto. This is what we, and every Naruto anime fan was waiting for.  The Schedule is as follows.

Release Date Episode Number Episode Title
August  1, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 323 Gathering of the Five Kages…!!

August 8, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 324 The Unbreakable Mask and the Popped Bubbles
August 15, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 325 Jinchuuriki vs Jinchuuriki!

August 22, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 326 Four-Tails: The Sage Monkey King

This month also contains two special episodes which will release on same day August 29, 2013.

Release Date Episode Number Special Episode Title
August 29 , 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 327 Naruto Special: An Unchanging Will: "When the Heart is Moved Part 1"
August 29, 2013Naruto Shippuden Episode 328 Naruto Special: An Unchanging Will : "When the Heart is Moved Part 2"

Spoiler Regarding the August 29 Naruto Shippuden Special Episodes. 

 The Two Special Episodes, which are going to be released on the 29th August 2013, are not fillers. They cover the story where Naruto communicate with all the Jichuruki during his Biju Mode.


  1. After the specials, does the story continue from episode 326 or does it continue from where the specials stopped? And please why is it called specials? You said its different from fillers.

    1. Specials are not fillers they are related to Original Story. They are named special Because of the two episodes in a day. Hope it clears everything. If you read what's written in spoiler alert, you would probably understand :)

  2. Hello, I would like to know what is your source for this titles and release dates? It's confirmed that will be a special double episode on August 29? If you could give source link would be great, thanks for the information :)

    1. All this Information is released in the form of Scans.. So few fans buy these scans and share on their social profiles usually twitter. That's how we get Information.

      The titles are translated so they may be differ, but dates are exact as mentioned in the scan and we did mention the scans in our previous schedules, but we don't do anymore or sometimes we do only if we have the right to share that information.

      You can check other Schedules posted on this blog where we did mentioned the Scans with credit :)

      I hope you can understand now why can't we share the original scans.

  3. 2 episode 1 day?

  4. The next episode is titled "kurama", and nothing was said about it being 2 episodes. That being said, I really hope it is 2 episodes and doesn't deviate from the manga (because shit's about to get CRAZY (and it won't stop for a LONG time (unless filler gets in the way, then the awesomeness will drop))).


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