Naruto Manga 639 Review

Naruto Manga 639 "Attack" contains a lot of action. In the previous manga 638 we see Jubito ( Jubi + Obito ) nearly defeated The Senju brothers Hashirama and Tobirama and in this manga we see Senju brother especially Tobirama counter attack with the jutsu he solely made for his Edo Tensei Body.

The Senju brothers counter attacked with Hashirama capturing the Jubito with his wood style while Tobirama made paper bombs which keeps on multiplying everytime they explode. It was pretty awesome. In my opinion this attack is far more dangerous than Konan's paper attack. The name of this technique is Goju KibaKufuda, but the trick didn't affect Jubito.

The third Hokage Hiruzen attacked Jubito, but Obito stopped it with his new jutsu which is a combination of 4 different types of nature, then Hashiram and Minato charge towards Jubito. Madara stops Hashirama. Obito looses control over his body and his body started to expand and dived into the earth with his body upper part (Torso) and attacked Naruto, but Sasuke saves Naruto with his Susanoo, but unfortunately Jubito captured both Sasuke and Naruto while Minato is trying its best to save Naruto and Sasuke on time.

From this chapter, it seems that Obito is invincible at the moment. No attacks were working against him. What is Madara thinking at the moment? fighting against Hashirama is not a good idea at the moment. What will Sasuke do? Remember to share your views and rate this chapter out of 5.