Naruto Manga 636 Review

Naruto Manga 636 Old Obito's ways completely shocked me I believe it's not just me because The man who who was able to do anything is going to die in his Terrority without using the power of Rinnegan Kinda Lame isn't it? Yeah I am talking about Obito here. Lets discuss Naruto Manga 636.

Obito vs Kakashi Final Fight

The last week manga chapter panel where we see kakashi and Obito piercing each other was genjutsu so Kakashi says that it's not time for genjutsu lets fight for real. So the final battle between Obito and Kakashi started just like the old days when they were a team under Minato. During fight Obito says that one day everyone will become like him but kakashi mentioned that Naruto is strong he will never change his path he is a boy who never go back from his words and he is even stronger than me and In order to save Past (Old) Obito I need to kill the current one and just like how kakashi won in past he also won this fight.

Obito's says that it not over yet you might have won against me but I won't let you win this war and he move towards to the main battle place with his kamui. On reaching the main battle field we see Madara easily defeats Hashirama clone and says its no fun fighting fake hashirama. But then we see Madara mentioned that he don't need Obito now. Obito can't heal himself beacuse both zetsu's are in Madara control and Obito's body is made of Zetsu and Madara is going to become the Jinchuruki of 10 Tailed Beast Jubi In order to do that he needs to kill Obito.

Can Hashirama Save Obito?

There's alot of question regarding this chapter why didn't Obito used Rinnegan? Was the only purpose of Obito's Rinnegan was to revive Madara? Since Zetsu is rejecting Obito body and he can't heal himself is there any chance Hashirama can save Obito with his cells Beacuse Obito is used to Senju Cells but Madara needs a person who can revive him and right now Obito is the best person beacuse he have Rinnegan. Madara used Obito. He himself wants to become the Jinchuruki of 10 Tailed Beasts.

What was your reaction after reading thi chapter? ? Make sure you coomment and Share your views and don't forget to rate this chapter out of 5. Hope its not an end for Obito we have to see alot more from him.