Naruto Manga 635 Review

Naruto Manga Chapter 635 "A new Wind" starts with the Orochimaru discussing the condition of kages with Karin and Suigestsu and it was shown that Both Suigetsu and Karin don't know about the tsunade summon and Orovhimaru tells them that's its Katsuya (Tsuane Summon ) from Shikkotsu Forest. On reaching Tsunade we see that she was alive and her skin was looking too old that's because of  forhead seal as mentioned by Sakura.

Tsunade and Other Kages are Alive

Orochimaru was able to convince Katsu that he came to save Tsunade and she can kill him with her acid if he did some harm to tsunade. Orochimaru also asks about other kages conditions and Katsuya mentions that her little pieces are recovering them and the recovery process is slow because of tsunade vad condition.
Karin and Suigestsu helps tsunade with her body. Suigetsu connects the lower part of tsunade body with her other part of the body and Karin helps tsunade to heal and all other kages are healed too and they move towards the battle field.

Tsunade Healed Manga 635

Orochimaru's plan and Sasuke's view

Its like he is waiting for Sasuke to decide and for now he's the only one who understands what Sasuke is thinking. Then we see that Sasuke is still doing things reckles. Gamakichi says that All tailed beats are inside Jubi and when jubi will get weak remove those flames so that we can save all bijuu's but Sasuke says he will burn it all and things will be different from now and he will create a new System but Jubi himself stopped the black flames.

Sakura and Sai

Manga 635 Kakashi DeadOn the other Hand Sai asks Sakura what she thinks about Sasuke as we all know Salura still trust Sasuke more then any other person but Sai still consider Sasuke as an enemy. From this chapter it seems like Sasuke is going to be the main final villain. Its too hard to predict Sasuke his perosonality changes every second .

Kakashi Dead or Alive ?

Finally on the last page of Naruto Manga 635 we see Obito piercing through Kakshi chest. Thats horrible I never thought about this rather my imagination was that Kakashi will kill Obito or atleast che will convice him . Do you believe thats the end for Kakashi ? Did Kakashi failed to convice Obtio?

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  1. Im very afraid Kakashi might die. Thats all i can think of.

    1. Obito got Senju Cells He can Recover any time but Kakashi Can't. Lets just Hope for the Best :)

  2. Kakashi will use substitution jutsu to escape

  3. I tink tat kakashi ll get hurt badly n bt in last he'll cange obito like naruto does n obito will be together allied joinned forces :D

  4. I think its kakashi clone... I'm afraid kakashi will die its hard to imagine .. :(

  5. I think its some kind if genjutsu.
    Like the one obito used to shoe Kakashi a dying kirin

  6. In my Opinon it's not some kind of Substituion Justu or Genjutsu Beacuse Kakashi and Obito were Serious it was do or die situation for them. I am really worried about Kakashi beacuse there's no one in Obito's Dimension who can heal Kakashi. Last Hope is that "Minato" teleports to this Dimension and stops his students. .
    Thanks for the comments :)

  7. I think kakashi can die ( which I hate to think) then he will be resurrected by Obito after he has a change of heart. Kakashi is the most popular character in Naruto and it is highly unlikely that he can die.

  8. True but me like cum


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