Naruto Manga 634 Review

Naruto Manga 634 "The New Trio" showed the new combo tactics of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura with their huge partners.

Gamakichi, Ado and Katsuyu In Action

Gamakichi appeared when Naruto used his summoning technique and he his so big just like his father. Gamakichi ability to use fire and Naruto wind chakara type makes a great combo not to mention Gamakichi became badass like his father. Naruto and Sasuke charge towards to main Jubi while Sakura spilts Katsuyu and orders her to heal the sinobi alliance.This made minato and Hiruzen remember about the previous legendary Sannins Jiraya, Orochimaru and Tsunade.

Naruto and Sasuke kept on moving towards the Jubi main body on reaching their target Naruto used Fuuton Chou Oodama RasenShruiken and threw it towards the jubi at the same time Sasuke used his Enton-Susanoo Kagutsuchi and both attacks combined because the amount of chakara of both attacks was in proper ratio and the attack successfully hit the jubi and jubi started to burn in black flames.

Orochimaru Save Tsunade

In Naruto Manga 634 finally we see what Orochimaru was upto. He went to the kages and I think he is going to help Tsunade and other kages that's why he took Karin with him but its still question he is a friend or a foe?

Is jubi defeated? I Don't think so if it would the case Madara would have probably stopped the attack because Jubi is so important for his Moon Eye Plan. I think in Naruto Manga 635 we will probably see Jubi breaking the formation of Four Red Suns. This chapter was average because nothing new was shown except the combo attack of Naruto and Sasuke. I wonder whats going on with Kakashi and Obito?
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